Does your pet have severe anxiety at the veterinary office? Are you unable to get them into/ out of the vehicle comfortably and safely? Is your pet defensive when outside of their comfort zone? Do you have a ‘whole farm’ of animals and wish to find a vet to provide comprehensive care to all?

With Alpine Mobile Veterinary Care, not only are your pets more relaxed, it’s incredibly convenient for you as a client not to stress about ‘packing up the family’ for an anxiety ridden trip to the veterinarian. Dr. Kim thrives outside of a ‘brick and mortar’ clinic setting and is committed to providing you with a personalized veterinary experience. 


Mobile Veterinary Care - where the doctor comes to you! 

After an appointment is confirmed, Dr. Kim will arrive to work either inside, or outside of your residence - wherever your pets are most at ease. Prior to the scheduled appointment time please have your animal(s) caught, or in a location to be easily worked on.  

Although Dr. Kim practices Fear Free methods of handling and restraint - she will generally be working alone - so if your pet is unable to be handled easily/safely we may need to work together to consider alternative methods to ensure the best possible care.

Depending on which procedure is necessary, Dr. Kim may coach owners to help gently restrain/distract their animals to facilitate ease of examination and treatment. Safety is naturally a primary goal for all involved. Dr. Kim will work to ensure the entire process goes without incident. If at any time safety is compromised, an alternative plan will need to be established which may include recommending care from a brick-and-mortar facility with additional trained personnel on staff.

**Please ensure your driveway is passable during inclement weather - if you cannot get out, Dr. Kim most likely cannot get in! 


When faced with quite possibly the most difficult decision a pet owner ever has to make, Dr. Kim prioritizes the comfort of both pet and family during this trying time.

Dr. Kim arrives at your home or preferred location, and will clearly explain each step of the process until every family member is confident in moving forward. A gentle pain medication and sedation is administered to ensure your pet is at their most comfortable - and if your pet is not in an urgent medical state - Dr. Kim allows owners time with loved ones during those precious moments of solace and peace. A second, and final, medication is delivered to ensure a compassionate, painless passing. Dr. Kim then provides several remembrance options including a paw-print impression, and fur clipping if desired by the family.

Aftercare assistance is also available if desired. While maintaining dignity, your pet will be gently transferred to Dr. Kim’s vehicle in a soft blanket, small basket, or lovingly tucked into a stretcher. If your loved one weighs more than 30 lbs, Dr. Kim gently requests assistance with the stretcher. Return options of your pet, if requested, will be discussed in home to suit individual needs.

Please feel free to reach out to if you have any further questions or concerns regarding end-of-life care provided. Dr. Kim takes immense pride in offering an empathic, gentle goodbye and would be honored to help your family during this difficult time.      


Although the doctor comes to you and can assist with most non-emergent medical scenarios - we often cannot within veterinary standards assist with severe emergent situations unless euthanasia is warranted. Dr. Kim will do her best to triage each phone call helping to ensure your pets are receiving the best care possible for their individual needs. 

At this time we do not have the facilities to perform surgical procedures such as small animal spays/neuters or small animal dentals. Blood work collected will be sent out daily, however, results may take up to several days to return - same day blood work results are currently not available. At this moment we do not own the equipment to perform radiographs (x-rays) in the home or on the farm, hopefully this service will be available soon!

Working out of a passenger vehicle we want to stress that we do not have the full capabilities of a brick and mortar practice – so it is important to maintain a strong relationship with your regular veterinary practice. We look forward to working with both you, and your regular veterinarian to make sure your pet receives the best, most compassionate care possible!